Sample topic format for proposals

  • Share your idea briefly
  • explain the reasons why think so with numbers or facts
  • summarize your idea

Thank you!

I’ll like to say that I’m filled with ecstasy seeing the quality of your project.

I must confess I am very impressed. It will be a privilege to be part of it. I’d be capable of managing/handling your support group as a moderator being it on telegram (Arthswap). I feel like something is missing in the group.Its not so interactive and it’s chat has been muted always which reduces the community impression on the project.

I’ve had couple of experience managing some other project’s community, and I can assure that I’m strongly adherent to yours.
Hoping to get a response from you soonest.
I am open to share my resume with you

Hey @hancyyrab,

Arthswap has set up the ArthSwap-Community-Program-ACP.
This program has the goal to get more people involved in Arthswap.
Therefore, we are looking for active members of the community to help promote and raise awareness of ArthSwap and Astar Network. Community managers will become official representatives of ArthSwap and will play an important role in creating the future of ArthSwap/Astar Network.

Link: GitHub - ArthSwap/ArthSwap-Community-Program-ACP-: Introduction of ArthSwap-Community-Program

I can’t get my arsw swap